Original Article

Unusual Localized Basal Cell Carcinomas: Retrospective Study and Review of Literature


  • Nuran Süngü
  • Merve Meryem Kiran
  • Hayriye Tatli Dogan
  • Aydan Kiliçarslan
  • Emre Karakök
  • Erol Demirseren
  • Akin Aktas

Turk J Dermatol 2017; 11 (3): 109-113 (Accepted Date: 22.03.2017) (Received Date: 13.03.2017)

Objective: Basal cell carcinomas (BCC) are the most common cutaneous malignancy and most often seen in the head and neck region, only 1.2% occur in unusual localizations. We aimed to analyze the incidence and clinicopathologic features of our unusual localizations between 2006-2016 in our study. Methods: BCC findings in excisional biopsies from 2006 to 2016 were rewieved retrospectively. Results: Of 1140 patients with BCC diagnosis, only 11 (2 vulva, 2 inguinal region, 2 umbilicus, 1 acral-periungual region, 1 anal region, 1 areola, 1 sacral region and 1 axilla) were unusual localized. Lesions at a unusual localization accounted for 0.96% (11 cases) of all cases. Nodular, superficial and cystic variants were observed in these cases. Conclusion: BCC should be considered in unusual localizations due to its local aggression and tissue destruction however the risk of metastasis is very low.

Keywords: Carcinoma, basal cell, usual, unusual, localization, malignant

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